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American Arrowhead Return Policy-  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your arrowheads we do offer full purchase price refunds for all our sales. Arrowheads and artifacts must be returned by buyer to American Arrowhead within 10 days in same condition. American Arrowhead refunds and purchase payments would be sent through paypal.
American Arrowhead Personal Customer Care-  American Arrowhead is proud to offer excellent personal customer care sales and service. If you have any questions or concerns about an arrowhead or purchase we would be happy to help email us at
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What is for sale at American Arrowhead?

Reproduction Arrowheads and Artifacts
Flint Arrowheads
Glass Arrowheads
Flint Daggers
Flint Celts
Flint Axes
Obsidian Arrowheads
Obsidian Knife Blades
Flint Knives
Obsidian Knives
Antler Bone Handles
Chert Arrowheads
And More!
American Arrowhead Website Sales -  American Arrowhead has a growing selection of reproduction arrowheads and artifacts available for purchase. Visit our online store to view our current listings and also get ideas for a custom point.
American Arrowhead is  continually adding more modern knapping art pieces for sale. At American Arrowhead, we use a variety of materials including flint, chert, obsidian and glass. Easy add to cart shopping and sales with paypal!

American Arrowhead Payment Options- 
If you do not have a paypal account we also would be glad to let you send a money order. Or arrange a custom purchase payment option that works for you. Email us at
Arrange alternate payment option services with us via email.

 All American Arrowhead sales come with 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You can shop through paypal, we will never ask you for personal or financial information. Your purchase can be safely made via paypal.


American Arrowhead Repair/Retouch Service- If you have reproductions that need repair or retouching we offer fast service. We can also repoint and repair authentic points however we do not advise as it can change the value. Below is a photo of a hafted arrow that I retouched for a customer in Australia.

American Arrowhead Custom Order Arrowheads-American Arrowhead also makes arrowheads custom  to your request. View American Arrowhead custom service page to see photos and get more information on our custom sales. American Arrowhead can custom design a unique modern knapping art work for you from a variety of materials. Purchase your custom arrowhead now!

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