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Contact Us Here at American Arrowhead we would love to discuss all things arrowheads with you. American Arrowhead's fascination with anything and everything arrowheads started when we made our first authentic arrowhead find. The arrowhead was unearthed while weeding our vegetable garden. All of the knowledge we have gained about arrowheads since then, is the result of keeping an eager and open mind. At American Arrowhead, we regularly share updated information about related books, articles, videos, and newly discovered pieces. 
    American Arrowhead offers a large variety of modern reproduction knapping art for sale. Contact American Arrowhead to plan your special custom order piece via email
    If we are not at home busting flakes, then you are sure to find us out hunting new additions for our growing authentic collection. We have obtained permission to hunt arrowheads in several area locations. Whether we return with a great new find or not, each trip is fun and exciting. Please keep sending us your collection photos!
 American Arrowhead's selection of reproduction art arrowheads and modern flint knapping art is updated and increased regularly. Shop our sale items right from home with confidence knowing your investment will result in a realistic reproduction arrowhead, that will be a lasting modern artifact to treasure.
    American Arrowhead is a growing family home reproduction knapping business that we hope will soon be a household name as our loyal customers continue to return with complete satisfaction in the arrowheads and reproduction art they purchase.  We hope you will take a moment to view our about us page to learn more  about American Arrowhead's flint knapping artifact reproductions and the type of service and quality you will receive with your modern art reproduction purchase. 


Please email us with any questions or comments. Thank You.

American Arrowhead
Cookeville, Tennessee

American Arrowhead would like to encourage anyone with an interest in learning to make stone tools, to get started today!
With patience and persistence, you can develop your knapping skills to create your own work of art.  Get started by gathering the needed material and tools. Visit local rock shops and knap-ins. Contact us via email, we would be happy to recommend a great supplier for tools and material.
    American Arrowhead is dedicated to our loving family. Our goals and aspirations would not be possible without their support and interest. 
    American Arrowhead extends our sincere gratitude to you all. It is a privilege to spend each day doing what we love, and sharing what we do!
We created American Arrowhead, because we have a strong passion and deep fascination for everything arrowheads and are always eager to learn more. Your suggestions, comments, and questions are always welcome. At American Arrowhead, we will do our best to get you a fast helpful response,
contact us at
    Share your reproduction and authentic collection photos with us!   American Arrowhead's website photos are just a few examples of modern flint knapping art we have completed. To see more modern art photos and knapping examples please browse our flint, obsidian,and glass art photo galleries from the navigation above homepage. In the American Arrowhead galleries you will find photos of our reproduction arrowheads, axes, blades, celts, drills, tools,knives and  artifacts. We knap our reproduction arrowheads and artifacts  from a variety of flint, obsidian, chert and glass material that we keep in stock at home.
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