About American Arrowhead

American Arrowhead is the place to buy your reproduction art arrowheads. Let us take a moment to tell you more American Arrowhead.
    American Arrowhead built our family business site  to share the passion we have for everything arrowheads and artifacts.   American Arrowhead story started, with a great authentic arrowhead point found in our vegetable garden one summer. The find sparked our fascination with reproduction art and knapping techniques of early man. We were so proud of the first crude flint art points that led us to build our business. With the support of our amazing family and friends the flakes kept falling. Many bandages and many practice points later we are able to create wonderful works of art that we are proud to offer our customers to purchase. 
    Reproduction arrowheads make a great addition to any arrowhead collection and are wonderful for just about any age group. It is important to preserve the knowledge about this art for all future generations. An American Arrowhead reproduction arrowhead art piece is a great value today, may be worth much more tomorrow!
     Each arrowhead point is individually hand crafted using primitive percussion and pressure flint knapping art techniques. At American Arrowhead we strive to make each modern arrowhead and artifact a
well worked lasting treasure at a great overall value. 
    American Arrowhead is here to help you with your arrowhead or artifact purchase. If you have any questions email us at 
    Please visit the photo galleries to view the individually hand knapped arrowheads, knife blades, spear points, axe heads, and modern artifacts we have listed for sale. 

American Arrowhead looks forward to hearing from each and every visitor! Share your story with American Arrowhead , this site is for you!
Thank you for your business!

Visit Again Soon, American Arrowhead site is constantly updated with fresh content and new art pieces available for purchase.
American Arrowhead CD Catalog's are Available upon request.
If for any reason you wish to return  purchased arrowheads or artifacts, you may do so within ten days of purchase for full refund of your purchase price. All items must be returned to American Arrowhead in same condition.Learn more about returns at American Arrowhead service center.

Free shipping to lower 48 states!
Learn more about shipping in American Arrowhead service center.

Quality modern knapping art reproduction replica artifacts and arrowheads for sale by American Arrowhead.

Contact Us at info@americanarrowhead to place a custom order.
American Arrowhead hand makes each arrowhead using primitive knapping techniques. The photos below illustrate the knapping process from rock selection to finished arrowhead.

Step 1: Find a quality rock material in which to make your arrowhead from.
Step 2: Remove large flakes from the core material using hard hammer direct percussion working toward a flatter and thinner preform arrowhead.
Step 3: Carefully remove small flakes gradually correcting problem areas until you have formed a large biface arrowhead.
Step 4: Finally, the arrowhead is pressure flaked and notched to reach desired shape.

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